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Elektrodynamischer Shaker der DH-Serie mit hoher Beschleunigung

  • Maximum sine acceleration: 1470m/s²
  • Maximum random acceleration: 980m/s²
  • Usable Frequency: 2~up to 2500Hz
  • Optimized structure design
  • High conductivity efficiency and high structural strength

The high-acceleration vibration shaker is a kind of equipment used to simulate various vibration environments, and is widely used in research and development, testing and quality control in aerospace, automotive, electronics, machinery and other fields.

Our vibration shaker is a high-performance, high-precision, high-reliability test equipment that can simulate various vibration environments, including random vibration, sinusoidal vibration, shock vibration, etc. .

Our vibrating shaker adopts electric drive mode, which has the advantages of high acceleration, high frequency, high reliability and high precision. It can simulate various vibration environments to help customers in product development, testing and quality control, and improve product reliability and durability.

Our shakers are used in a variety of applications including aerospace, automotive, electronics, machinery and more. It can be used to simulate various vibration environments, such as the vibration during the launch of aerospace vehicles, the vibration during the driving of automobiles, the vibration during the transportation of electronic products, etc., so as to test the performance, reliability and durability of products. 

Our shakers have the following features:

  • High acceleration: It can reach a high acceleration of 100g, and can simulate various high-intensity vibration environments.

  • High frequency: It can reach a high frequency above 2500Hz, and can simulate various high-frequency vibration environments.

  • Large load capacity: the maximum load capacity can reach several tons, which can simulate the vibration environment of large products.

  • High precision: It adopts high-precision sensor and control system, with high precision and stability, which can ensure the accuracy and reliability of test results.

  • Easy to operate: Adopt advanced control system and software, easy to operate and easy to master.

High Acceleration Shaker

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